The magic of the double-sided effect!

When a photovoltaic panel produces electricity, it actually only uses 20% of the solar energy available to it.

It abandons 60% of it, which is heat.

But thanks to its innovative air recovery, the AIR-VOLT aerovoltaic system uses all the energy which is normally lost!

This makes it the most powerful solar panel in the world,
with unrivalled output of 900 W (250 Wc + 650 W)!



At the front, the panels use the sun’s rays to generate electricity.
At the back, the air is captured by a collector and is heated by crossing the back of the panels.

This hot air is then sucked in then filtered by the ventilation and energy management module (Modul-R) before being circulated around the home.

This is a simple principle which no-one thought of before Systovi!


But above all, it is a concept which provides significant energy savings and great heating comfort.

L'aérovoltaïque rapporte de significatives économies d’énergie et un grand confort thermique

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