A good indoor temperature is essential for a comfortable home

It stands out on your energy bills:
heating accounts for 2/3 of a home’s energy spending.

By using the heat that is normally lost, AIR-VOLT provides a solution for both these aspects.
You get ideal heating comfort and reduce your heating expenses considerably at the same time!

The aerovoltaic panels collect outside air and warm it up with help of sun

You decide the interior temperature

The MODUL-R filter hot air

The hot purified air is distributed into your home for maximize comfort

To generate heat, an AIR-VOLT system has an energy intake grill at the end of each row (or vent stack) of panels.
The indoor air enters and heats up quickly by crossing the surface of the collectors. The heat is then sucked in then directed towards the MODUL-R.

This central energy unit is the core of the system which filters and centralises all the air flows.

So, it adapts them to your needs, manages the air supply according to the heat available and works intelligently alongside your main heating system.
In fact, AIR-VOLT on its own is enough to heat your home for much of the day.

What’s more, you can still feel the heat supplied in the evening. So not only do your reduce the operating time of your central heating system, it will only be activated later on!

Simply set the temperature you want on your thermostat, then feel the magic of AIR-VOLT at work.

AIR-VOLT even remains effective in winter and in cloudy weather.
Even if the outdoor temperatures are low, the sun continues to provide its rays to the aerovoltaic panels, enabling them to generate heat.
You’ll save up to 50% on your bills!*

*: Non-contractual estimate. Energy-saving rate dependent on the building’s permeability to air, the heating requirements and the use of the system.

Panneau solaire aérovoltaïque pour produire du chauffage

fleche_bleue Cold and damp indoor air is pushed outside thanks to the sun’s hot air.

fleche_violet Cold outdoor air doesn’t get in.

Fresh air to increase your comfort

By continually blowing hot air into your home, AIR-VOLT increases your indoor comfort.
In fact, the heat provided by AIR-VOLT presents ideal qualities for your well-being!

• Quick increase in temperature
you’ll start to feel the heat in just a few seconds thanks
to MODUL-R high air supply flow (up to 400 m3/h).

• Heat at the ideal humidity :
The air supplied comes from outdoors. It is heated but maintains an ideal humidity rate between 40 and 60%. This lets you reduce problems of humidity or air which is too dry, problems which many non air-based heating systems cannot resolve.

• Even heat distribution :
Most heating system generate one major discomfort: it’s cold on the floor and hot on the ceiling. Thanks to air’s inherent Coandă effect, the heat is mixed evenly throughout the room. Wherever you are, you’ll feel a gentle and pleasant warmth.

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