The most useful energy
direct from your roof!


We consume electricity at all times.

By making an active use of your roof, you are not just giving this unused surface a purpose.
You can easily produce the energy your home needs most, and ultimately make long lasting savings on your electricity bill!


Photovoltaic energy is the most successful worldwide, amongst all sources of energy and that is no surprise.
Every hour, the sun radiates more energy onto the earth than the entire human population uses in one whole year.

This is why it is obvious tomorrow’s world
will run entirely on solar power.

Why not start today ?


Thanks to the photovoltaic cells on the front of the panels, an AIR-VOLT system converts sunlight into electricity.

Without that nothing moves, your panels convert light into electricity!

Photovoltaic cells in front of the aerovoltaic panel

Your installation communicates with the power grid

You get a green electricity produced by you and for you!

You get high surface output (17%) thanks to the highest quality

This is the optimum way to produce your own electricity!
And it’s just as simple to use.


You have 2 possible choices :

Consommez sa production électrique grâce aux panneaux solaires


You try to consume as much as possible of your own electricity production for your appliances. The energy you don’t consume is discharged free of charge into the network.
On average, this lets you cover 40% of your annual requirements!

La revente partielle d'électricité grâce à l'aérovoltaïque


You self-consume the power generated for your appliances as your number one priority and sell any surplus power to the grid.

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